Charity Fundraising


AFSA is a support association for Fire and Rescue Service staff, both operational and non operational staff as well as keeping close valuable ties with retired members of the Association.

Every year we Challenge ourselves in the month of September to raise money for our chosen Charities, these can range from organising a charity dinner, auction and Raffle, fashion shows..

We have made an AFSA pledge at our events to include Charity fundraising where possible – i.e. evening Charity Galas at the AGM &National Conference

Over the last decade we have supported various charities some of our main Charities include:

  • Mc Millan nurses
  • Water wells  (AFSA chosen Charity)
  • Punjab project ( Pakistan)
  • Include me too
  • Fire fighter’s charity
  • Local charities chosen by the host Brigades

What we have achieved:

2012 – £10,000

2012 – £6,000 for Water Wells Appeal, Walking With The Wounded, Sue Rider and Firefighters Charity.

  • – £10,000 for Local, National and International Charities.
  • – £6,000 for the Firefighters Charity

2014 – £12, 000 in partnership with other charity groups and organisations.

*All our charity work is in partnership with other members and organisations