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Charity Walk – London Bridges

Manjit and Pavinder have organised the annual  Charity London Bridge walk to take place on Saturday 22nd August 2015 more details to follow.


All those who are interested please contact either Manjit or Pav asap so they can get an idea of numbers. Parvinder’s email address below:

The team will depart for Delhi in late September 2015. Pav will be keeping a diary and picture log of events and training, this will be posted on the London Fire Brigade Website and Hotwire page as well as Pavs and AFSA Facebook page.









Fashion show 2013

AFSA first charity fashion show was held in Manchester organised by the North West Region at the Saffron Banqueting Restaurant in September.

The Fashion show raised the profile on collaborative working with Asian Businesses in the NW region. the monies raised were or the Firefighters Charity and the Punjab Project, raising over £3,000. The event included using Fire Service personnel to be involved in the fashion show as well as showcasing the firefighters uniform over the decades.

The show ended on a high with the traditional AFSA dinner and dance, and left a legacy for more to come…


Prep Naan

Naan Bread Challenge 2014- Hampshire FRS

Record breaking naan to raise ‘dough’ for charity

The Service will attempt to break the Guinness World Record of the ‘largest naan bread’ in order to raise money for charity and support the local community at the Eastleigh Mela on 6 July 2014.

The aim is to cook a naan bread at least 3 metres by 1.2 metres. The current record measured 2.89 metres by 1 metre and weighed 9.5 kg (20lb 15oz) as recorded in the Guiness World Records.

Cooking the giant naan is only possible because of the expertise of the USAR guys who have worked really hard to build a special giant oven.

The Eastleigh Mela will take place on Sunday 6 July 2014 (11am – 6pm) at Leigh Road Recreation Ground in Eastleigh.

Dave Curry says: “We have a great tradition of raising money for charity and it is always brilliant to see our staff supporting these events.  It’s really exciting to be working with our local restaurants and the Mela to attempt to break a world record”.

HFRS practised making the giant naan ahead of the big day – here’s the result

The record breaking event, sponsored by Serco, will raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity, the Water Wells Project and Hampshire Hurricanes.

Badi Mirchi restaurant and Sanjha restaurant both say they are proud to be a part of this event. It is an individual commitment and a group effort to attempt to make the largest naan in the world.

If anyone would like to support us by volunteering at this event please contact Dalvinder Rai on 07789 650944 or Steve Foye on 02380 626852.

AGENDA inclusive pastoral, spiritual and religious support for all without exception Summit (LEEDS)

Charity Fundraising


AFSA is a support association for Fire and Rescue Service staff, both operational and non operational staff as well as keeping close valuable ties with retired members of the Association.

Every year we Challenge ourselves in the month of September to raise money for our chosen Charities, these can range from organising a charity dinner, auction and Raffle, fashion shows..

We have made an AFSA pledge at our events to include Charity fundraising where possible – i.e. evening Charity Galas at the AGM &National Conference

Over the last decade we have supported various charities some of our main Charities include:

  • Mc Millan nurses
  • Water wells  (AFSA chosen Charity)
  • Punjab project ( Pakistan)
  • Include me too
  • Fire fighter’s charity
  • Local charities chosen by the host Brigades

What we have achieved:

2012 – £10,000

2012 – £6,000 for Water Wells Appeal, Walking With The Wounded, Sue Rider and Firefighters Charity.

  • – £10,000 for Local, National and International Charities.
  • – £6,000 for the Firefighters Charity

2014 – £12, 000 in partnership with other charity groups and organisations.

*All our charity work is in partnership with other members and organisations