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The Asian Fire Service Association (AFSA) is an independent inclusive employer led support group with the desire to raise the profile of Asian staff and associated issues. At present it has 29 Fire and Rescue services and three non FRS organisations who are members.

AFSA works with Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) to mainstream subjects around equality and diversity in two priority areas:

  • Service provision and delivery
  • Employment policy and practice

The AFSA Vision is: ‘The Asian Fire Service Association (AFSA) will work with the National Fire and Rescue Service and supporting agencies to enhance equality and diversity and its associated values’.

AFSA’s direction and behavior are governed by core values reflect values of the Fire and Rescue Service and which are:

  • Service to the community – and our united purpose - to improve the quality service
  • Our People – we look to harness the collective strength of staff from the FRS
  • Diverse communities – we are prepared to stand up and be counted; we continually seek to develop new and better ways of working with and for the diverse communities.
  • Continuous improvement – we understand the FRS, the many challenges it has overcome and the transition it is now undertaking. We are authoritative and have proven expertise in helping to deliver for staff and the public.

In addition AFSA’s key objectives are; to (a) Promote good relations (b) Promote equality of opportunity (c) Improve community safety (c) Support community cohesion activity, within the fire services of the UK and associated partners.

To achieve the vision and objectives of AFSA is keen to work with other organisations and has a long history of working with the Fire and Research training trust (FSRTT).


AFSA was formed in 2003 by four Asian firefighters

Manjit Singh,

Pavinder Singh,

Akwala Deol, and

Davinder Sodi

Founders (Manjit Singh, Pavinder Singh, Akwala Deol, and Davinder Sodi) who wanted to see better representation and progression within the workplace particularly in the uniformed roles. However, the four founder members who received an award from the CLG in 2008 recognised very early on that the service needed a more strategic and a more inclusive group that could represent all members of the service and the Asian community. Hence, the birth of AFSA.




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