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About AFSA

We believe that the AFSA as an organisation has the power to do good. To make a difference. When fire and rescue services do well, society prospers and equality, diversity and inclusion have a key role to play in protecting and growing diverse communities. As an essential provider, the fire service can create opportunities, build, innovate and cultivate a better future for the next generation.

We propose to drive positive change through the fire service with the following:

Our vision: An inspirational members-led organisation for all fire and rescue services and partners, leading in the influence, voice and support we offer our members in striving to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our mission: To provide exceptional services and support to our members through clear leadership and support that enables our members to effectively mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion and reduce inequalities that staff and communities experience.

Our values:

  • Service to the community – and our united purpose - to improve the quality of our services.
  • Represent – To be the collective voice of the fire service championing their interests in the media, government, the fire service and wider
  • Diverse communities – we are prepared to stand up and be counted; we continually seek to develop new and better ways of working with and for diverse communities.
  • Continuous improvement – we understand the FRS, the many challenges it has overcome and the transition it is now undertaking. We are authoritative and have proven expertise in helping to deliver for staff and the public.

Our Strategic Objectives


  • To shape the environment members operate as they strive to integrate equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To support the environment in which our members operate ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion is at the centre of our thinking – with a specific focus on national fire strategy and reform, supporting national resilience and fire programmers, fire safety, equality, diversity, inclusion, workforce, community, quality, governance, regulation, devolution, transformation, integration and system working.


  • To be the voice of the fire service working with partners to highlight the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To be the collective voice of the fire service, championing its interests in the media, government, the fire service and wider in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion. We will look to work closely with the Home Office, Local Government Association (LGA), National Fire Chief Council (NFCC), Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Women in the fire service and others.


  • To provide the latest research and good practice in equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To help our members drive improvement and innovation through effective, shared development, support and learning.


  • To increase the membership base and income.
  • We will look to add to the corporate membership base and deliver on behalf of AFSA members cost effective development interventions.

How we work

Member Led
  • We are a members’ organisation.
  • To be effective, we need to be excellent at identifying our members’ needs and meeting them.
  • In addition, providing a safe platform and respectful environment where issues and ideas can be raised and discussed.
Transparency and Accountability
  • We must be fully accountable and transparent to our members in all that we do.
  • To ensure legitimacy, the AFSA must regularly consult and listen to the views of its members.
Behavioral Insights
  • We will apply behavioural insights to inform policy, improve fire and rescue services and deliver positive results for people and communities.
  • This may involve:
    • A friendly nudge
    • Proactive support
    • Taking a people focused approach
  • We work in a complex, highly interdependent system with many influential players.
  • We rely on our members to generate the evidence we need, and we can only deliver our objectives by working collaboratively. We therefore recognise the need to be a highly effective strategic partner working with organisations such as the Home Office, Local Government Association (LGA), National Fire chief council (NFCC), Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Women in the fire service and others.
  • If the AFSA is to meet the challenges it faces, it needs to innovate and transform, creating radically different patterns of delivery.
  • Our members are in a unique position to help drive this change.
  • We need to support and enable this innovation and, if required, to lead it.
Equality Divercity and Inclusion
  • Striving to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion must be a central tenet of our work.
  • This is a moral and legal imperative and a business need. Going beyond compliance and recognising valuing difference in all its facets and focusing on inclusion will add value to the fire service and the community. In addition, providing an inclusive approach will be a key component of how the AFSA delivers a service to members and partners.
  • We aspire to a high degree of professionalism and rigour in all that we do.
  • Our work must be evidence-based and underpinned by robust data.
  • We will recruit volunteers from the fire service to help carry out the work of the AFSA and at the same time develop their knowledge, experience and skills that will in turn benefit their own organisation.